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You want to grow your business, but cold calling and lead generation isn’t your strong suit.  You want to hit growth targets, but your business takes priority, leaving you with little time to travel to boot camps and workshops.  Instead, we’re going to help you:

  • Identify your unique challenges
  • Develop a personalized roadmap for cold calling
  • Help you remove the adversarial element from your sales calls
  • Teach you ways to communicate your value proposition with confidence
  • Guide the development of good sales funnel management habits
  • Show you how to qualify customers to maximize the quality of your phone time.

Charge Forward

You’re not alone

Let’s face it. Most small business owners face similar challenges. Budgets are tight, time isn’t available to learn prospecting and sales using trial and error.

TL;DR – Most people want to learn how to sell, but can’t find someone who is reasonably priced and flexible to teach them. 

Most MSP’s Consider:


  • Teaching themselves, but discover that time is so scarce they can’t practice enough to gain enough confidence to book appointments


  • Hiring a company to do cold calling – leaving a lasting first impression with prospects that do not represent their company vision, or worse, waste their time on unqualified appointments


  • Buying high traffic lists off the internet and hope someone replies to an email (spray and pray email marketing)


  • Living exclusively on referrals from friends and family


  • Paying a hefty fee every month to high profile consultants with generous marketing budgets, lengthy commitments, rigid cancellation policies and better lawyers than most MSP’s could afford.

Areas we’ll work to improve:

Increase your set appointments

Discuss your business with more confidence

Improve your social media presence

Get past the gatekeeper more effectively

Turn any contact into a lead

Remove the adversarial relationship when prospecting by phone

Talk about things you like, and avoid the topics you’re uncomfortable with

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What We Can Do For You

JD Business Development was founded exclusively to teach smaller MSP/IT Business owners how to prospect, close deals, as well as train new & struggling business development employees.  

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Our objective

Mission Statement:

To provide MSP owners the fundamental sales training they need to prospect effectively and close with confidence – Regardless of budget limitations or size. 

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